Management Training Programs

Managers love our training programs.  The programs are not only engaging and interactive, but they are practical.  Our lawyers excel at explaining legal requirements in a common sense and practical manner.  We can always customize our training to fit your needs.  Some of our more popular and already-developed training programs include: 

AB 1825 Compliant Anti-Harassment Training For Managers

This training module complies with California law, which requires managers and supervisors to receive two hours of training on the prevention of sexual and other forms of unlawful harassment, retaliation and bullying every two years.  The training enables managers and supervisors to spot, address and remedy unlawful conduct in the workplace.

Anti-Harassment Training for Employees

This one-hour training program provides employees with guidance on unlawful and inappropriate conduct in the workplace.  Our attorneys give practical guidance during the session so employees leave this training with practical knowledge about how to create a respectful work environment.

Top 10 California HR Rules Every Manager Must Know

Management employees must understand key employment law and HR rules to mitigate risk. This training covers topics that not only trigger litigation, but also tend to cause the most manager mistakes.

Wage and Hour Boot Camp: Beyond the Basics

Management employees must understand basic wage and hour requirements to mitigate risk. This training covers the wage and hour rules that cause the most litigation, including rest and meal breaks, making sure all compensable time is recorded and paid, overtime pay requirements and misclassification issues.  This training can be customized to address the state laws where the company operates.

Leaves of Absence and Disability Accommodation

Disability and leave claims are skyrocketing.  This training helps managers understand when employees are entitled to leave and disability accommodation.  It also provides best practices for partnering with human resources to solve difficult accommodations for mental disabilities and intermittent leave.

Effective Employee Documentation

Managers learn how to document discipline, performance management and other “HR issues.” This session provides other practical tips to effectively document employee issues by utilizing the attorney client privilege.

Avoiding the California Wage and Hour Minefield

Management employees and human resources professionals must understand California wage and hour law requirements to mitigate risk. This training covers the wage and hour rules that cause the most litigation by plaintiffs, including rest and meal breaks, overtime pay requirements and misclassification issues. This training can be customized to add additional risk areas such as commission and bonus issues, calculating the regular rate of pay and making sure all compensable time is recorded and paid.

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