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Training Programs for the HR Professional

Kasper & Frank LLP provides innovative training for HR professionals. Our training not only covers the basics, but we also address emerging issues.  We can always customize our training to fit your needs. Some of our more popular and already-developed training programs include:


Leave of Absence Bootcamp

This training is geared toward leave administrators and human resource professionals.  It provides a detailed overview of California and federal leave laws and delves into the interrelationship and sometimes conflicting requirements of the leave laws.  

Disability Accommodation and Leave Management

This training is designed for both management and human resources professionals.  It helps employers understand the requirements of state and federal disability discrimination laws, including the reasonable accommodation obligation.  Individuals who attend this training will understand not only how to comply with the law, but the best practices to document compliance.  This training also focuses on the more difficult accommodation areas, including accommodating mental disabilities and intermittent leave.

Social Media in the Workplace: Untangling the Web of Rights & Responsibilities

This program examines social media in the workforce and gives practical tips on avoiding legal risks associated with monitoring and disciplining employees for their social media use.  The program offers best practice advice for navigating employee privacy issues, regulating employee conduct outside of work and using social media as part of the hiring process.

Effective Habits of Human Resources Professionals

Identifies key practices that today’s human resources professionals must master to effectively handle personnel challenges and build positive workplaces.  The training focuses on risk avoidance and includes tips on effectively using the attorney-client privilege, successfully handling workplace complaints, maintaining proper documentation, avoiding and managing conflicts of interest and more. 

Navigating Mental Disabilities in the Workplace

While employees with disabilities including depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and learning disabilities are entitled to accommodation, grappling with these issues can be an HR professional's toughest challenge. Gain practical advice and strategies for recognizing when an employee may be entitled to accommodation, ensuring that you meet your obligation to engage in the interactive process, and providing reasonable accommodation to employees with these common disabilities.

Avoiding the California Wage and Hour Minefield

Management employees and human resources professionals must understand California wage and hour law requirements to mitigate risk. This training covers the wage and hour rules that cause the most litigation by plaintiffs, including rest and meal breaks, overtime pay requirements and misclassification issues. This training can be customized to add additional risk areas such as commission and bonus issues, calculating the regular rate of pay and making sure all compensable time is recorded and paid.

LOA Booster Shot

This session provides a comprehensive and in-depth discussion about the various leave and accommodation laws, with a focus on how they overlap and interact. Specific laws discussed include the federal Family Rights Act, new pregnancy disability leave rules after the recent United States Supreme Court decision and federal and state disability accommodation laws.  A significant portion of the program focuses on best practices for determining whether leave is a reasonable accommodation.

Disability Dilemma: Handling the Three Most Difficult Workplace Accommodation Issues

Navigating workplace accommodation under the disability discrimination laws is trickly and costly if not handled properly. This session will explore the three most difficult accommodation issues facing California employers: (1) handling reduced schedules, spotty attendance and leaves of absence for the disabled employee; (2) determining wheather and how to accommodate misconduct caused by disability; and (3) managing disability-related poor performance and low productivity.  The program also provides best practice tips for engaging in the interactive, collecting medical information, and documenting accommodation communications. 

Exempt? Independent Contractor? Understanding and Avoiding the Perils of Misclassification

Everyday another business sector is being “Uberized,” or disrupted by a startup linking buyers with on-demand services through technological platforms.  This lively program will discuss the perils of misclassification in the shared economy.  Technology has stream-lined business, but have the legal standards for classifying workers kept up?  This program will help you spot the misclassified worker and implement creative strategies to reduce or avoid misclassification liability.

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