NLRB “Quickie Election” Rule Takes Effect

On April 14, 2015, the National Labor Relations Board’s Final Rule regarding union representation procedures took effect. The Final Rule, which is frequently referred to as the “quickie election” rule, makes it significantly easier for unions to organize because, among other things, it accelerates organizing campaigns and shortens employers’ time to respond to such campaigns. Notably, union elections can now potentially be held within as few as 13 days from the date the union files a petition. In light of this new rule, employers concerned about union organizing are advised to develop proactive union avoidance strategies. The NLRB’s Fact Sheet on the new rule can be viewed here:http://

EEOC Issues Proposed Rule on Workplace Wellness Programs

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a proposed rule on April 16, 2015, potentially amending Americans with Disabilities Act regulations and interpretive guidance as they relate to employer wellness programs. The proposed rule contains a number of notable items, including requiring employers to provide a detailed notice of plan elements to wellness plan participants and applying a 30% maximum award cap for participatory wellness programs. The EEOC also requested comments on multiple topics during the regulatory notice and comment period, which ends on June 19, 2015. Input received by the EEOC could alter the requirements of a final EEOC wellness rule.

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